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Friday, April 6, 2012

Stand Your Ground?

i am a seventeen year old boy on his way back to my father's girlfriend's house
returning from the shop where i bought skittles and an iced tea..
i notice i am being followed by a guy talking into his phone
i evade him... call my girlfriend and say there's a creep following me
the creep shows up again... this time calling me a *ukking *oon and
drawing a gun... i try to repel him but he fells me and my phone drops
he shoots me in the chest
i call for help
i die

witnesses see the shooter straddling over my body before he gets up.. then an ambulance is turned away assessing that the shooter is not hurt badly

after being held up for a day my body is sent to funeral home where it is noticed that there are no marks on my body to show that i had been in a fight

the shooter is not charged with any crime as day after day goes by with no arrest... the shooter had the gun but i am judged to have used deadly force... or even the intent to use deadly force...stand your ground is a "judgement call" so if you're a paranoid racist whackjob with a licensed gun... it is legal to shoot a young black man

stand your ground? if you're a young black man in sanford florida you HAVE no ground to stand.

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