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Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Tyranny of Google News Algorithms -- Shit Rises to the Top

The most popular headline is false:

The true story is in the extended coverage, behind the false story:

But digging a layer deeper into the news is for someone who is genuinely interested in Obama's complete reversal on "enemy combatants" and "infinite detention" and "without trial," suspension of habeas corpus and Bush's AUMF.  I don't know who writes headlines... but my impression is these writers are given an article and told by editors to "sex this up."  Like when Liz Taylor passed away the headline was, "Paul Newman says Liz was one helluva gal," when Newman had been dead for more than a year.

So the lead headline is the one hit on most often, the false one.

Is Google evil?  Or have the humanoids at Google been taken over by their own algorithms?

Kevin Slavin How Algorithms Shape Our World


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