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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Crap vs Screw at the Guggenheim

The curator Francesco Bonami, who has written a partly fictional, and biting, unauthorized account of Cattelan’s career, was more circumspect. “At the Guggenheim, the art always has to compete with the building,” he said. “Does the museum win or does the art? We’ll see.”  nytblog nov 4 2011
(you'll notice in this installation all the art-defying walls are empty)

A show whose principle emotion is spite also has the the gee-wiz fun of a giant Calder mobile. Cattelan manages the brilliant, paradoxical trick of making “institutional critique,” as such museum-prodding work is known, into a blockbusting crowd pleaser.  the daily beast nov 4 2011

"I think in the Guggenheim Frank Lloyd Wright was saying 'Screw you, New York.'" Crap Mariner

The 123 works on view at the Guggenheim, dangled from the top of the rotunda, suggest nothing if not a mass suicide by hanging, and for that reason the spectacle is as sad and sobering as it is remarkable.

oh frabjous joy!!
artist commits suicide in the guggenheim
nice day for a hanging
crap vs screw at the guggenheim
must go out in the clear autumn air
to compose more possible headlines